How To Attach A Camera To A Paintball Mask? (5 Steps)[2024]

With the help of the latest technology of GoPro, you can now record your special moves in paintball games and brag in front of your family and friends. But some players don’t know how to attach a camera to a paintball mask. In this case, they lose the chance to video the whole paintball game venture.

And, If you are one of those who don’t know how to attach a camera to a paintball mask, read this article thoroughly and record your actions and aptitudes in a camera efficiently.

Mounting A Camera On A Paintball Mask

Mounting A Camera On A Paintball Mask

Follow these steps accurately to mount GoPro on a paintball mask and record your game experience. The only thing you need to attach to the camera on your helmet is a screwdriver.

Choose The Right Camera (GoPro)

Firstly, you should choose the right camera for your awesome paintball mask. It means the camera you are going to choose for your paintball mask should have good and stable vision. Also, it should be waterproof.

I suggest GoPro Camera is the best sports camera for paintball masks nowadays. With waterproof technology, it has everything you need to record a clear and stable video.

Prepare Your Paintball Mask

Clean your paintball mask with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. If you mount the camera on the top center of the paintball mask, remove the lens carefully to keep it safe from a screwdriver or other material.

Moreover, it is easy to mount the camera after removing the goggles part of the paintball mask because you can handle the operation by gripping the paintball mask from the center.

Attach GoPro Bracket To A Suitable Position

A small camera bracket for fixing the camera and the necessary screws are available when you buy GoPro for your paintball mask. You only need a screwdriver to set it properly on your helmet.

According to our experience, If your camera does not connect correctly, you cannot expect to record a good video of your game. Because the camera will move all the time or it might fall on the ground. Therefore, whenever you mount a camera on any paintball mask, make sure to attach it in a straight position and immovable.

Patch The Camera

When you hook the camera holder, put the camera on it and tighten the screws to link GoPro to the paintball mask. You can also change the camera’s position by removing the holder and place wherever you want on the paintball mask.

For example, under the chin, left side, or right side. But the traditional position to mount the camera on a paintball mask is the top center of your head. It is the proper position to record from all directions.

Test Camera After Hooking It On Paintball Mask

After attaching the camera, ensure your GoPro is stable and there is no chance of falling on the ground when you play the game after wearing it.

Some people think it is a complicated method, but it isn’t. And after reading the whole article. You can mount GoPro on your paintball mask skillfully.

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