How To Look After Your Paintball Mask? (5 Pro Tips) [2024]

A good quality paintball mask is expensive but lasts for years if you look after it carefully. But the question is how to look after your paintball mask. According to our experience, there are only a few things that you should keep in mind to make your paintball mask long-lasting. And it does not take a high cost or time.

Here are some rules on how to look after your paintball mask. Follow them to keep your paintball mask durable.

Steps To Take Care Of Your Paintball Mask

There are a few precautions to keep your best paintball mask in fine condition for years. Don’t worry. It is not a time-consuming process but helps to maintain your personality on the playing field.

Steps To Take Care Of Your Paintball Mask

1. Use Microfiber Cloth

Using ordinary cloth instead of microfiber cloth makes uncomfortable vision because it does not clean the oily paint and dust efficiently. However, the microfiber cloth removes more dirt easily.

Microfiber Cloth helps to remove greasy paintball paint from paintball masks and leaves a positive charge on them. Also, it is a washable cloth. You can wash it to use next time.

2. Do Not Use Any Cleaning Spray On The Goggles

If the Lens of your paintball mask is anti-fog, don’t use any cleaning spray or water on it for cleaning. It may damage your paintball mask lens and make permanent blurry vision.

According to our experience, instead of a cleaning spray, use a microfiber cloth to clean your paintball mask lens because it helps to keep the anti-fog or thermal property of the mask lens safe and drops a positive charge on it.

3. Re-apply Anti-Fog Spray After Cleaning The Lens

As I suggest, it is vital to re-apply anti-fog spray on paintball goggles after cleaning them. Also, it is beneficial to refresh the anti-fog coating of the paintball mask lens after cleaning to avoid hazy vision in foggy weather.

There are a lot of good anti-fog sprays available at different prices, but you should use a suitable anti-fog spray to keep your best paintball mask lens safe. It is just a way how to look after your paintball mask.

4. Don’t Let The Paint Sit On The Lens For A Long Time

Paintball Paint has a thick nature that settles down in the ventilated area of the paintball mask if it is not remove timely. So, if you want to keep your paintball mask safe, remove paintball paint from it just after the game ends.

But do not use water to remove the paint. Use a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray to clean the outer body of the paintball mask.

Don’t Let The Paint Sit On The Lens For A Long Time

5. Use A Cleaning Product For The Frame

To clean the outer frame of a paintball mask, you can use a cleaning product or spray but not for the goggles of the paintball mask. And, It helps to remove paintball paint from it quickly and efficiently. Choose cleaning products for your paintball mask carefully because every cleaning product is not good and valid for cleaning a paintball mask.

In this article, I’ve discussed all possible ways to take care of a paintball mask, and if you have any queries about how to look after your paintball mask, feel free to ask in the comment section.
Stay Blessed!

Annie Carter

Annie Carter

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