How To Install A Visor Fan In A Paintball Mask? (Quickly) [2024]

The Stealth Visor Fan is a revolutionary device that makes paintball masks more reliable in the paintball world. Due to its ultra-quiet and brushless motor, the user will have a comfortable, breezy gaming experience. So, to help those who want to learn how to install a visor fan in a paintball mask, we provide our best and easiest method in this composition.

Why Do I Need To Install A Stealth Visor Fan?

The answer is that this visor fan helps protect the eyes from sunlight and rain. In addition, its fan helps clear fog from the lens and provides a clear view in cold weather. Moreover, if you think about its weight or battery life. Don’t worry because this visor fan is the lightest element in the paintball mask. And its two AAA batteries have a long battery life. Let’s look at How To Install A Visor Fan In A Paintball Mask step by step.

5 Easy Steps To Install A Visor Fan

The Stealth Visor Fan will take you to the next level of action on the playing field, free from fog, condensation, and rain. Additionally, this is a good feature for players with glasses as it circulates air inside the mask and avoids hot breath fog. The steps to install a stealth visor fan are as follows:

5 Easy Steps To Install A Visor Fan

1. De-attach Facemask for Better Grip

First, attach a visor fan to the top of a paintball mask. You should separate the bottom part (the face mask) to better hold the mask for attaching the visor. However, separating the bottom part is easy, especially in Virtue Vio Extend. You must gently pull the bottom part from both sides to open the small lock.

2. Open Visor’s Screws

There are two small screws on the visor to attach a fan to it. Open those screws with a screwdriver. If there are no screws on the visor, don’t worry because there must be holding locks on there.

3. Attach Stealth Visor Fan On It (Available In Paintball Stores)

Now, pick your stealth visor fan. Please attach it to the exact spot where you unscrewed it. And gently squeeze the visor and fan together in the closing direction to bind them.

4. Tighten Screws And Insert AAA Batteries

When you are sure that your visor and fan are stapled correctly, tighten the screw from the top of the stealth visor fan where you unscrewed earlier. It has small holes for screwing through.

Also, insert two AAA batteries into the provided battery compartment and start the visor fan via the button to test whether the batteries will fit properly.

5. Clamp All Parts

When you successfully attach the visor fan to the visor, assemble all parts of the paintball mask to return it to its original shape. Attach the face mask to the bottom and attach the visor to the top. Attach the lens (if you separate it during the task), and that’s it, you’re done. Moreover, you shall clean the whole paintball mask at least once after the process.

Your Visor Fan Is Ready To Use

Experience a wonderful paintball game session with your cool paintball mask, where you don’t have to face the sun rays or foggy environment. Because your stealth visor fan above your goggles will quickly remove fog and give an airy view.

And, if you liked this information on How To Install A Visor Fan In A Paintball Mask taken by our experienced players. Share it with others and comment if you have any queries about this installation process.
Stay Blessed!

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