7 Best Paintball Mask Brands (Wholesale Manufacturers)[2024]

Several paintball mask brands sell their products all over the world. But everyone wants to know which one is best before buying a product. In this article, you will learn about the best paintball mask brands that sell high-quality, comfortable, and stylish paintball masks at reasonable prices.

Also these brands manufacture other amazing accessories for the paintball game including markers, hoppers, gloves, pads, tactical vests, etc. In case, you don’t know how to purchase the best face mask to play paintball. Then, you should check out the list of our recommended best paintball masks of 2024.

Top Rated Paintball Mask Brands In The World

These top-tier companies introduced wonderful features like unscratchable coating on mask lenses, flexible jawline, lightweight frame, anti-fog goggles with clear visioning, GSR pro strap, and many more.

Moreover, they offer comfortable and amazing paintball masks at reasonable prices. Let us give you more details on these best paintball mask brands.

Top Rated Paintball Mask Brands In The World

1. DYE

DYE Paintball Mask brand is the highest option for players to get comfortable during the game. They offer anti-fog goggles with a clear view even in foggy weather. According to our experience, the most inspired and top model is the DYE i5 Goggle Paintball Mask.

The i5 goggle mask protects your skull, has a ventilated system for the mask lens, and has super stylish designs for you. Moreover, DYE improved its paintball mask features frequently, and now they have a developed goggles system in the business industry.


The best thing about VIRTUE Paintball Mask is that the foaming inside the mask and goggles is interchangeable. Also, the enhanced ventilated system with thermal lenses is super to use.

I found that the best model of Virtue Paintball Mask is VIRTUE VIO Ascend. Plus, It is an affordable selection for players with multiple colors.


EMPIRE has a unique collection of paintball masks consisting of cutting-edge designs with advanced anti-fog technology and protection features. All models of Empire paintball masks are ASTM approved. Its stylish looks and colors get the attention of many players.

Moreover, these Paintball masks have anti-reflective goggles that block toxic UVA\B radiations and give a clear wide-view. I recommend you select EMPIRE EVS Thermal Paintball Mask if you want the top model of the Empire brand.


Bunkerkings Paintball Masks has the advanced CMD technology of goggles with anti-scratch coating lenses, communication mouth vents, various colors, warping-free hearing, and many more. The smooth foam lining inside the masks does not harm your face and gives you a comfortable experience.

Super Cool designs in paintball masks attract the user more. Bunkerkings-CMD Thermal Goggle Paintball Mask is the world’s best anti-fog and secure-fit paintball mask.

5. JT

JT Proflex Paintball Mask has the most comfortable molded design, helping to move easily. The dual-Pane Spectra lens system provides clear vision and excellent eye protection. The padding inside the paintball masks is very flexible and removable.

JT is also a great option for players to improve durability. JT Dynasty Proflex Paintball Masks are the highest recommended model of JT.


HK ARMY Paintball Mask is one of the lightest and most durable paintball masks and is widespread for its customizable designs in masks. These masks allow the user to customize different colors and patterns of their own choice. Perfection in mask design makes the player more attractive and superior in the game.

Remember, the HK AMRY KLR and SLR Paintball Masks are one of the best series of Hk army that offer the lightest frame with thermal anti-fog goggles and protection with attractive designs and shapes.


VForce Paintball Masks are the best choice for budget-conscious users who want a good quality paintball mask. Also, including all necessary features at an affordable price.

The upgraded version of paintball masks has a hypoallergenic frame system with ventilated space for breathing. Plus, it reduces fog inside the paintball mask, and you can easily see anything in foggy weather.

Our team found the best paintball mask brands after doing great research and using them in paintball fields. If you found our article helpful, don’t forget to share it with other paintball lovers. Moreover, you can ask us anything related to paintball in the comment section below.

Best Of Luck For The Next Paintball Game!

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Annie Carter

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