Best Paintball Mask For Beginners (Top Picks For You) [2024]

For newbies, selecting a quality paintball mask is essential to having a fun and safe experience on the playing field. Commonly, the material used in paintball masks is plastic, rubber, and foam plastic, rubber to enhance protection, durability, and comfort. But the more important factor of any paintball mask is its adjustability and design according to face while making any purchase. So, if you are a beginner in paintball or not sure which paintball mask you should buy, don’t worry. Here, I determined and tested some of the best paintball masks for beginners based on their top features and designs. Buying a paintball mask as a beginner, you should pay attention to the quality of the lens, breathability, and comfort of the paintball mask.

I have seen many players who buy paintball masks for their stylish designs and looks and regret after using those paintball masks. However, design is not a crucial factor in choosing a paintball mask. Moreover, a quality lens paintball mask will provide good vision, while sufficient airflow will avoid fogging and allow for comfortable breathing. Always pick a headgear that fits comfortably and can be modified to fit your head shape and size. In the below section, I will take you through my best paintball mask for beginners and describe their essential features.

Here are the three best paintball masks mentioned after proper research. These paintball masks are listed here for their high optimal protection, sturdy fitness, and breathability features.

Comparison Table Of 3 Best Paintball Masks For Beginners

Image Product Rating Action
ZlangSports Mask ZlangSports Paintball Mask
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BROYEUR Mask BROYEUR Paintball Mask
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Fanjin Mask Fanjin Paintball Mask
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My Reviews Of Top 3 Best Paintball Masks For Beginner Players

ZlangSports Adjustable Mask For Paintball And Airsoft

ZlangSports Paintball Mask
Brand Zlangsports
Rating 4.1
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Plastic
Color Blue, Colorful, Gray, Transparent

I have used the ZlangSports Airsoft Mask in many paintball games because I don’t want full-face masks. So, this lightweight half-mask is fantastic for those who want a trendy, lightweight half-face mask. Are you wondering if Airsoft masks are safe to use in paintball?

Yes. It was the most secure and comfortable game I played on the paintball pitch last week. The polycarbonate and TPR plastic material of the ZlangSport paintball mask provides good comfort protection and a pro look in the field. Furthermore, the ergonomic foam padding of this face mask is an impressive characteristic because it is lightweight and pleasing. I never feel I wore something on my face.

Also, the non-slip and flexible strap gives a significant fit to the head. Breathability is also good. The big venting holes on the front and sides smoothly remove breath mist from inside the paintball mask. But in lengthy paintball games, the goggles of the paintball mask tended to be foggy. It is not an issue for me because I do not participate in long paintball games. Above all, the ZlangSports paintball mask is an excellent choice for beginners as it offers all the essential features required to play a comfortable paintball game.

Finally, the quality of the lenses impresses me the most as they protect the eyes from injuries and UV rays. Also, the shooting experience from 5 meters with this paintball mask is still excellent. However, ZlangSport Airsoft is the best paintball mask in quality, price, features, and overall protection. But be aware of the fogging effect in long paintball sessions.


  • UV Shielded Improved Lens.
  • Excellent Breathability.
  • Ergonomic Frame design.
  • Lightweight and Anti-collision material.


  • After an extended play, there may be fog.
  • It’s difficult to see through the dark lenses.

BROYEUR Tactical Mask For Paintball And Skiing

BROYEUR Paintball Mask
Rating 4.1
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Polycarbonate
Frame Color Black
Lens Color Black, Transparent, Colorful, Gold, Silver, Yellow

I just had the opportunity to test out the BROYEUR Paintball Mask, and it was a wonderful game. The paintball mask has a cozy, shielded, and lightweight TPU structure, making it simple to put on the face for extended periods. Because it had outstanding durability during wear, and the anti-scratch and anti-UV factors safeguard my eyes from harm. I felt secure knowing that goggles would protect my eyes without hindering my view.

However, I am not satisfied with the breathing holes of this paintball mask because the ventilated spots are limited and only visible on the front of the mouth, which is not enough for a long playing session. But still enough for beginners or short play sessions. The detachable parts of the BROYEUR paintball mask were one feature that I truly liked. Undoubtedly, this feature, in my judgment, is an excellent incentive for newcomers who may be exploring different gear combinations.

In short, this paintball mask is not lacking with its combination of comfort, good protection, and customizing choices available at affordable prices for every type of outdoor activity. On these features, the BROYEUR Paintball mask is one of the best paintball masks for beginners.


  • Lightweight and Strong TPU Frame Design.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-ultraviolet protected Lens.
  • Detachable parts to use the paintball mask in different ways.
  • High Protection.


  • Not adjustable, and may not fit different head sizes.
  • Ear Safeguard is limited.

Fanjin Full Face Paintball Goggle Mask

Fanjin Paintball Mask
Brand Fanjin
Rating 4.2
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Plastic
Color Black

Every month, I like to collect and utilize different paintball masks. So, this time, I discovered a new Fanjin paintball mask to test out on the field. It proved to be a comfortable, adaptable, and remarkable paintball mask that does not upset users even during long paintball games after use.

There are many noticeable features of the Fanjin paintball mask that is reliable for both beginner and professional paintball players. And these features are adjustable straps, ABS plastic material, anti-scratch goggles, visor, and high visibility during games in winter. Moreover, a strong frame protects the user’s face, nose, and eyes from every hit and injury efficiently. The visor on the forehead shields the eyes from UV rays. Also, soft padding on the edges of the frame does not irritate the skin in summer and absorbs sweetening smoothly.

For appearance, the Fanjin Paintball Mask comes in only one color: black with a grey lens. While most users may not be concerned by this, some may want a range of colors and styles. Although, Fanjin is a decent option at a low cost for users to play paintball games in different weather conditions. However, a higher-end version may be worth considering for highly professional users.


  • Head visor for sun protection.
  • High Breathability.
  • Different head sizes adjustability.
  • Durable and lightweight body.


  • The goggles get foggy fasten.
  • Not suitable for professional players.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Paintball Mask As A Beginner

There are several aspects every player should keep in mind before buying any paintball mask. No matter whether it is for beginners or professionals, always make the right choice. I always suggest buying a paintball mask that would offer high visibility, security, and comfort. Don’t count on looks or the color of paintball masks. Let’s talk about the elements I look for in a paintball mask and why they’re vital while keeping budget in mind.

Comfort And Visibility:

Because the paintball mask will be worn comfortably on my face for a long time in competitions, I prefer paintball masks with adaptable straps, appropriate padding, clean thermal, and sufficient airflow. These characteristics assist in achieving an optimal fit, avoiding unnecessary pressure points, thermal view in the dark, and lowering the chance of condensation.

Durability And Maintenance:

Especially for those who intend to play regularly, buying a persisting and simple-to-maintain paintball mask is an excellent purchase. Good manufacturing quality and the availability of spare parts for paintball masks are necessary when it concerns longevity. Besides, detachable and washable foam padding is an added benefit because it extends the overall lifespan of a paintball mask.

In short, consider the elements like comfort, visibility, durability, and protection to select the best paintball mask for beginners. It will ensure every player will have a safe, pleasurable, and successful paintball adventure.


Best Paintball Mask Buying Guide - Infographic


What Is The Best Paintball Mask For Beginners?
If I suggest, the Empire EVS is a suitable anti-fog paintball mask for beginners. Its dual-pane thermal lens design prevents fog and is pleasant to wear for extended sessions, even for those new to paintball.
Which Paintball Masks Are Appropriate For Newbies To Woodball?
VForce Profiler is one of the best paintball masks for beginners because of smooth ventilation, comfortable shield, and wide peripheral view. Also, the attractive look and affordable price is other good factor to appreciate the VForce Profiler paintball mask.
What Are The Best Paintball Masks For Beginners In 2024?
Dye i4, Empire EVS, and Virtue VIO Ascend are the top paintball masks in 2024 for beginners.
What Are The Best Paintball Masks For Beginners, According To Reddit Users?
For newbies, Reddit users frequently recommend the Virtue VIO Ascend and Empire E-Flex. These masks have dependable features, a pleasant fit, and are reasonably priced. Yet, since opinions differ, it is crucial to test several models before making the final choice.
What Is The Best Paintball Mask For A Newbie Who Wears Glasses?
I recommend the Empire EVS mask because it has extra space on both sides of the cushioning for conveniently adjusting glasses. Its thermal and anti-fog lens also provides a crisp wide vision.
What Paintball Masks Are Suitable For Beginners With Large Heads?
Larger-headed players can consider the JT Spectra Flex 8 or the VForce Grill. Both these paintball masks include adjustable straps and enough cushioning to fit larger heads while being comfortable.


All these 3 paintball masks are ideal for every beginner player as they are safe, cheap, and comfortable. You can buy any of these without any hesitation. But I have another great option if you really want to start your paintball journey like a pro player but on a budget. That option is the Empire E-Flex paintball mask. There is no great paintball mask for beginners than this.

I hope you’ll like my effort and love this helpful article. So, please do share it with every newbie player and friends. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below.
Stay Blessed!

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Jake Tyler

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