Paintball History (Origin, Events, Tournaments And Facts)[2024]

The origins of paintball began in the 1960s when Charles Nelson of the Nelson Paint Company invented the paintball marker, which would later become the paintball marker. If we dig down into the paintball history, the marker was never intended to be used for people. Instead, it was designed to be used by cattlemen. Cattlemen used them to mark cattle while on horseback.

The game makes from a discussion between Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel (a stockbroker), and Charles Gaines (a writer). They were all good friends and enjoyed sitting and discussing various topics. One day, a friend discovered Nelson’s marker. It was from that the idea of paintball was born.

The First Paintball Game In History

The first game of paintballs took place in 1981 in New Hampshire by Hayes Noel, a Wall Street (stock trader), and Charles Gaines(writer). Two men chanced upon an advertisement for a paint marker on a farm and were inspired to use it. Then, he created the sport of paintball. One friend Bob Gurnsey Created the rules for the first paintball game.

Although talk of this game began in the late 1970s, the first game occurred in 1981. Before the game, they had to purchase a Nel-Spot 007 and test it to ensure it was safe to fire at humans. In 1983, the first-ever NSG National Championship tournament was held. The first tournament winners in the history of paintball were the Unknown Rebels, a team from Ontario, Canada. Similarly, modern paintball teams use cool team names for them.

In 1984, the national survival game was renamed “Paintball.” Paintball games also spread in England and Australia. In 1985-1986, Paintballs spread further around the globe. The industry got longer and more simplified for customer play.

The First Paintball Game In History

Paintball was developed to create advanced equipment, from high-quality spyder markers and paintball masks to the creation of water-soluble, non-toxic paintballs. In 1995, ESPN the World Cup broadcast. It was the first time that a network broadcast paintball. Unfortunately, the tournament could have been more fun to watch due to some issues around it. That is why it was not successful.

In 2002, the infamous “Sniper Incident” took place at the World Cup. A team member hid outside the field boundary and attempted to eliminate competing players but was not playing in the tournament match.

Throughout the 2000s, a lot of office work pending went on.

In the past few years, paintball has become a huge phenomenon and one of the safest sports in less than three decades.

Nowadays, paintball is a Millions-dollar industry with a wide range of markers available on the market. The history of paintball created different game formats.

People play paintball as a sport, a team-building game, or simply for fun. Even if you are a beginner or a professional paintballer, you can always enjoy this game and be a part of its history.

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Jake Tyler

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