Best Paintball Mask For Glasses (100% Comfortable Fitting) [2024]

No Doubt Paintball Mask is a popular adventure game; every player will love to play paintball. Wearing a paintball mask during games is essential to protect the face from paint and injuries. But a player who wears eyeglasses can wear a paintball mask? Yes, it is possible. Many paintball brands introduced the best paintball mask for glasses. These paintball masks are specially designed to play paintball games without compromising eyesight.

A Perfect paintball mask gives a protective and clear view with a ventilation system that keeps you comfortable during a game session. And every player should buy a paintball mask that makes him focus on the game, not on adjusting the face mask the whole time. When players wear paintball masks with glasses, they must ensure that the lens of their paintball mask is anti-fog to protect their eyes from breathing mist.

To find the paintball masks that best meet the needs of people who wear glasses and offer maximum safety, comfort, and performance on the field, I used many paintball masks for comparison. Let’s give you exclusive details on the best paintball mask for glasses.

Let’s check out the paintball mask for players who wear glasses.

Comparison Table Of 3 Best Paintball Masks For Glasses

Image Product Rating Action
Valken Paintball MI 7 Mask Valken MI-7 Paintball Mask
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PiscatorZone Mask PiscatorZone Paintball Mask
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Outamateur Mask Outamateur Paintball Mask
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My Reviews Of Top 3 Best Paintball Masks That Will Make You Forget You’re Wearing Glasses

Valken MI-7 Paintball Mask You’ll Ever Need If You Wear Glasses

Valken MI 7 Paintball Mask
Brand Valken
Rating 4.5
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Plastic
Color Black, Marpat, Olive, Tan, Vacm, Woodland

In the recent weekend game sessions, I wore Valken Paintball and had a pleasing experience using this best paintball mask. Because its dual-layer foam gives comfy protection to my head, and its ventilation system does not irritate me, even during stressful game periods. When I crawl on the ground to cover myself, Valken paintball helps me to play paintball comfortably.

The lens of the Valken paintball mask is like a game changer as it provides exceptional visibility in different lighting situations and impressively resists fogging all day. Moreover, its anti-scratch coating shields it from scratches and keeps the lens clear all the time.

Further, discuss its frame and durability. It fulfills all the needs of a player wearing eyeglasses. The design of the paintball mask is attractive as well as sturdy and comfortable. Despite its stiff plastic body, it can be both a pro and con because it gives higher safety but limits peripheral vision. However, it is still a worthy choice overall.

In conclusion, I recommend choosing the Valken paintball mask for a durable, comfortable, lightweight, and airy playing experience with glasses. Moreover, the visor cap protects the eyes from the sun’s rays. The inner foam padding absorbs sweat and makes you comfortable. On the other side, downsight aiming is not practical due to the specs, but the all-around performance makes it a good choice for beginner and professional players. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask is one of the finest paintball masks with eyeglasses. It has a great fit, excellent lens quality, and is durable.


  • Dual layer of comfortable Plush Foam.
  • Anti-scratch lens with anti-fog coating.
  • Protected and Study Frame Design.


  • A bit biased Peripheral Vision.
  • Aiming to down sights is difficult.

PiscatorZone Paintball Mask For Glasses Wearers

PiscatorZone Paintball Mask
Brand PiscatorZone
Rating 4.1
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Color Blue & Black

The PiscatorZone Motorcycle Goggles Mask is one of the best products suggested for athletes who wear separate glasses with a paintball mask. I used this paintball mask, and it was a friendly experience. The Piscator paintball mask is reliable for use in both conditions, with specs or without specs. It offers a great peripheral view with Uv protection. Moreover, the other very convenient feature I like in this PiscatorZone paintball mask is its detachable body parts.

When I don’t need a full face shield, I remove the lower part efficiently and use it as a half helmet. The first time I removed the lower part, it was tricky to reassemble. Beginner players may face some issues re-attaching any part. But it will be easy to handle after some time. Also, The breathability works very well. It does not suffocate you while playing paintball games, even in summer.

The flexible elastic band of the paintball mask allows the user to adjust the head size according to head size. This feature of the piscatorZone paintball mask makes it perfect for every type of user. The only adverse side of this paintball mask is that not very common paintball parks will allow you to use it. Before going to the paintball field, make sure it meets the conditions of the park to use that specific paintball mask.

In short, the PiscatorZone Motorcycle Goggles Mask is a good choice for individuals searching for a goggle-friendly paintball mask. For outdoor sports, it is an ideal option for pro and newbie players. It provides considerable flexibility, comfort, and protection to the head and face. If you go to disassemble the mask, be ready to face certain fit constraints and issues when reassembling it. Paintball enthusiasts who use goggles for comfort, protection, and versatility will love this PiscatorZone Motorcycle Goggles Mask.


  • UV Sheiled Lens with Anti-fog Technology.
  • Breathable and Detachable Frame design.
  • Soft Foam Padding.


  • The fitting range is limited.

Outamateur Paintball Mask Will Fit Over Your Glasses Perfectly

Outamateur Paintball Mask
Brand Outamateur
Rating 4.3
Lens Coating Anti-Fog Coating
Protection 100% Ultravoilet Protection
Frame Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Color Black

The frame of the Outamateur Paintball Mask is composed of TPU material that is impressively tough, secure, and strong. The mask never moves from your face while you sprint or crawl across the paintball field. When I first tested the Outamateur Motorcycle Goggles Mask for paintball, I discovered that its anti-glare and anti-UV PC lens allowed clear vision while wearing my glasses.

The thick sponge padding on the outer edge relieved any strain on my face. It absorbs sweat and makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. What engraved me the most was the versatility of using this paintball mask in any outdoor game. The extra space on both sides of the inner adding to wear glasses make it a good name in the list of best paintball mask for glasses.

When I wore the paintball mask on cloudy days, I noticed some misting, but it was not a significant deal and was readily manageable. Furthermore, my glasses were a little tight inside the paintball mask, but not unbearably so. However, because of its high protection, low pricing, and elegant hard frame, it is still a great choice for players. I can certainly suggest that this product is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a dependable and fashionable paintball mask to wear with eyeglasses.


  • Comfortable Smooth Foam Padding.
  • Adjustable Elastic band for different head sizes.
  • Firm body with detachable parts.


  • Might have some issues when attaching the bottom part after it detach.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Paintball Mask For Glasses (Buyers Guide)

Here are some vital aspects to consider when making your decision to purchase a paintball mask for glasses.

Comfort And Fit:

Paintball masks with adjustable straps and elastic chin areas provide a more personalized fit. Look for paintball masks with enough room to fit your glasses properly. Moreover, Check that the foam cushions don’t press against the frame of your glasses, causing pain or shifting when buying a paintball mask. Above all, No matter what the cost, nothing is more important than your comfort and safety.


Fogging is a problem when wearing glasses under a paintball mask. The ventilation system of any paintball mask is an important element that removes the fog from inside the paintball mask and avoids it even if you breathe heavily during a long game of paintball. So, always opt for a more ventilated paintball mask that never bothers you with inhaling mist.

Lens Quality:

A thermal lens with UV protection is the best option as it has two separate lenses that prevent fogging easily due to air gaps. Also, it protects the eyes from sun rays and gives clear vision with a wide angle. However, these lenses are available in different colors. I preferred the thermal lens in yellow or white color to use with specs.

Durability And Protection:

There are many paintball masks at paintball stores that are highly durable, protected, and lightweight. But not all these paintball masks are suitable to accommodate glasses. When you buy a paintball mask, keep in mind that it must be lightweight and durable, as well as suitable for glass wearers. So, the three options I mentioned above are best regarding both conditions.


Best Paintball Mask Buying Guide - Infographic


Can Prescription Glasses Be Worn With Paintball Masks?
Yes, many paintball masks are designed to be compatible with prescription glasses. Always find a wide-frame paintball mask that can efficiently handle your glass thickness.
Which Paintball Masks Hold Anti-Fog Technology?
Thermal lens masks, such as the Dye i5, VForce Profiler, and Virtue VIO, include anti-fog features to provide clear vision throughout the game. All these paintball masks provide comfortable playtime.
What Are The Finest Paintball Masks For Wearing Over The Glasses?
Empire EVS, JT Proflex, and VForce Profiler are some of the top OTG paintball masks. These paintball masks have enough space to accommodate eyeglasses under the paintball mask.
Is The EVS Paintball Mask Appropriate For Those Who Wear Glasses?
Yes, the Empire EVS paintball mask is ideal for players who wear glasses. Because its backed elastic strap gives a comfortable fit according to the head and makes the frame wider to wear glasses easily.
What Is The Performance Of The Proflex Paintball Mask For Those Who Wear Glasses?
Because of its broad design and flexible face protection, the JT Proflex Paintball Mask is favorably proposed for glasses wearers.
Can I Use The Same Paintball Mask For Airsoft And Glasses?
Many paintball masks can also be used for airsoft, as long as they meet safety standards and offer appropriate safeguards. But make sure the paintball mask fits your goggles comfortably and has airflow to prevent fogging.


Besides all of the details mentioned above, your money is important. So as a pro player myself, I want to guide every other paintball player who is not an expert in purchasing paintball game items. Yes, you can purchase Valken MI-7 Mask, which is the no. 1 choice in this article.

But if you want my honest suggestion, I want you to buy the latest Dye i5 mask. The reason is its perfect specifications, which makes this mask the ultimate choice for paintball players whether they wear glasses or not. Invest wisely and begin your paintball game journey.

Hopefully, you understood my point and loved this informative article. So, kindly share it with your group to support us. In case, you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.
Stay Blessed!

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