How Long Does Paintball Last? (Ultimate Guide Of Answers)[2024]

Generally, when we discuss the lifetime of paintballs. It depends on their biodegradable material. This type of paintball typically expires in 4 to 6 months. Also, you have to keep these paintballs in a safe place.

But as a beginner, if you are concerned about the game time frame, it depends on multiple elements such as game type, members, area, etc. A basic paintball game usually ends in 15 minutes, and a scenario-based game takes 16 to 20 hours per game.

How Long Does A Paintball Game Last?

The player probably thinks the game will last an hour, but what if you are disqualified earlier than an hour?

Also, time varies with game type. It means paintball games have various categories like woodsball, catch the flag, scenario paintball games, etc. These games have different time limits to end. Usually, a basic paintball game takes 15 minutes to end. If you are playing a long paintball game in a defined area, such as a game platform, it might take many hours to complete. I advise you to wear the most comfortable paintball mask.

How Long You Can Use Paintballs?

Can paintballs last up to a year? It might be true if you keep your paintballs safe and proper. All paintballs are made from different materials, affecting the paintball’s lifetime. Some are made of non-toxic and biodegradable material that is easily stored for an extended period. But some paintball is made of toxic material that makes paintballs expire fast.

How Long You Can Use Paintballs

Major Factors That Affect How Long Your Paintballs Will Last

Let me tell you about the factors that make your paintballs last longer. It includes ingredients, shell thickness, and paint texture.

Moreover, these ingredients also react according to the environment. For example, winter paintballs have thick shells that are perfect for playing with and are easily stored correctly in winter.

How To Store Paintballs?

When you think about the stored paintballs, you must keep in mind that these are perishable over time.

According to our experience, Only paintballs at one flank for a short time will disturb the paint’s texture and make paintballs useless before time.

The optimal temperature to store paintballs properly is 60° – 85°F and, importantly, keep them away from UV light.

Also, avert these paintballs from temperature swings. This kind of instruction makes your paintballs last long, and you can use them whenever you want.

Do Paintballs Expire?

If you feel any disruption and change in paintballs, they appear oblong or pear-shaped. It means that paintballs have expired or are not useable. The main reason is that these thick paintballs need to pitch properly from the marker.

Here are some common symptoms of expired paintballs:

  • Dimples
  • Oblong or peer shaped
  • Thick texture like hard rock
  • It does not launch properly
  • Left out of the bag in extreme weather

How To Dispose Of Paintball?

Never burn expired paintballs in your backyard because they contain harmful chemicals. It might become more dangerous while burning and harm you. So, don’t take this risk.

I advise you on the accurate method of disposing of spoiled paintballs. Firstly, pour all the paint into a bag and soak it. Break the plastic body of paintballs into small pieces, Put them in a plastic bag, and then into the garbage. Or throw them into the garbage.

Does Paintball Hurt?

While playing a paintball game, you can get hurt. But don’t take tension about the pain. You can reduce the paintball pain, and It will be fine in a few days because the paintball gives slight aches.

How Long Does A Paintball Bruise Last?

As I observed, sometimes you get hurt by a paintball, or sometimes you may get hurt by the opponent player. So basically, your bruise depends on the way you get hurt. If there is a little scrape, it will be fine in just one or two days. But if it is a deep and severe bruise, it might take one week to get okay.

Final Words

In short, the basic answer to “How Long Does Paintball Last” is that multiple factors are included to increase or decrease the lifetime of paintballs for paintball games. Such as the game time depends on your playing performance, and the expiration date of paintballs depends on their material. It also depends on the way you store these paintballs.

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