How To Fill A Paintball Tank? (8 Steps) [CO2 & HPA] (2024)

When you are a regular paintball player and need your paintball tank filled at all times, you must know how to fill a paintball tank on your own and what precautions are required. It is risky to handle an air compressor without any know-how. Two types of compressors are HPA (High-pressure Compressed Air) and CO2(Compressed Carbon Dioxide). These are mainly used to fill a paintball tank.

Now, the Next question that comes to mind is how to fill a paintball tank at home because a regular paintball player cannot go outside to fill his\her paintball tank regularly. With all precautions and care, you can quickly fill your paintball tank at home using one of the air compressors. Let us describe all the steps in detail on how to fill the paintball tank safely.

How To Fill A Paintball Tank At Home?

Filling a paintball tank with an air compressor at home is easy. It saves money and time from filling at home. First, check the PSI rating of your paintball tank and then use a suitable air compressor.

Fill your empty paintball tank with an air compressor. Secondly, make sure all the nozzles are linked with other connections. Also, keep your eyes on gauges and never hot-fill your paintball. No matter what you are doing when the game is one, don’t take off your best fogless paintball mask.

Difference Between HPA (High-Pressure Compressed Air) And CO2 (Compressed Carbon Dioxide) Paintball Tank

The HPA tank consists of high-pressure oxygen gas, and CO2 contains a liquid substance that converts into gas while shooting from the paintball tank.

Which is better to use? According to my experience, an HPA air compressor is suitable to fill a paintball tank because HPA gas is not affected by temperature. And CO2 is affected by warm temperatures and decreases the quality of the tank.

Steps To Fill A Paintball Tank At Home Safely

Here are the steps you must follow to fill a paintball tank at home.

How To Fill A Paintball Tank At Home

1. Assure Paintball Tank Quality

You must check the quality of your paintball tank’s shape and state. Also, check its hydrostatic testing number to ensure safety. This number is given to the tank after a testing process to determine whether the tank is safe to refill or not.

If you need help finding this number on the paintball tank and your paintball tank is new, then it is not an issue. You can use it to refill with a compressor.

As I advise you, if your paintball tank is old, take your time refilling it to prevent an unexpected accident.

2. Know The PSI Rating Of Your Paintball Tank

Many paintball tanks are ranked by 4500PSI or 5000PS written on cylinders. It is in this format: (LNNN) or (LLNNNN), and this number signifies the specifications of regulatory management.

Also, this number helps to stabilize the temperature of the air compressor.

3. Unleash The Air

Firstly, find a ventilated area to release the previous gas from the paintball tank and release the gas. It is essential to empty your paintball tank before refilling it with an air compressor.

4. Inspect That The Tank’s Nozzles Are Well-Connected

Attach the compressor’s nozzle with the paintball tank nozzle carefully. Make sure that they are well-linked and that there is no air leakage. If these nozzles are not tied well, stop refilling because the gas may harm you.

5. Gradually Fill The Tank

Keep in your mind that wait to fill the paintball tank quickly because it causes a hot fill. Fill your paintball tank with an air compressor gradually and carefully, and when the refilling happens, the needles of the meter go upward. The lever of the compressor helps to fill the gas slowly and calmly.

6. Avoid Hot Fill

By doing the refilling procedure slowly, you can prevent hot-filling in the paintball tank. Hot filling means air blasts in the compressor, which happens when you press the button on the compressor many times. It also forces the meters to rise quickly and destroy your tank.

7. Unleash The Pressure

Many people forget to release the pressure after refilling the gas in the paintball tank, which can damage the nipple. It is essential to free up extra air from the compressor. Air should be released through a valve attached to the compressor.

If there is a problem with releasing pressure, it means some air is yet passing through the hose.

8. Disconnect The Hose

Disconnect the hose carefully from the nipple of the tank after the whole refilling procedure. Now, your paintball marker is ready to play a paintball game. Keep the hose in a secure place to use again for filling your tank.

Final Words

In a nutshell, Filling a paintball tank at home is an easy and fast approach if you do everything in the same way I described in this article. Also, it saves time and money to do it at home.

Take all precautions to prevent unexpected accidents.

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Jake Tyler

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