Why Is Paintball So Expensive? (Real Reasons Explained)[2024]

Paintball is a fun activity that you can also enjoy with your friends. However, Paintball is expensive because you need some tools, clothes, and a specific location for playing the paintball game. Paintball field fees are too high, so choose the playing field on a low budget. I’ve discussed all the things about why Paintball is so expensive in simple words.

The paintball cost is based on the equipment you need for playing. Paintball is expensive, but many people like to play it. Sometimes, people need to learn how to manage its cost. As a result, our team shared why it is Paintball so expensive with an explanation.

Reason Behind Expenses Of Paintball

Reason Behind Expenses Of Paintball

Paintball One-Time Cost For Beginners

Paintball is a demanding activity. It demands some high-quality shielding gear to keep you safe during playing. Also, paintball field entry fees can range from 10-25 dollars for one round.

You can buy field paint in the $30 to $60 range. So you must pay from $40 to $50 to play once. Remember that paintball markers can fire up to 600 paintballs a day.

Rental Equipment

If you want to experience it only once with the Paintball, rent equipment for a day, the cost will be less than the $30 you can easily afford. However, you can buy some things to play with for a day, but you have to buy your paint. I recommend buying paintball gear or the best budget paintball mask. So, you can save a lot of money despite paying rent.

Essential Equipment For Paintball

The equipment costs are the most expensive for playing Paintball. Some costly equipment in detail are as follows:

1. Paintball Marker

The paintball marker is one of the costly paintball game equipment. If you want an automatic or electromechanical marker, you will spend more in the 70 to 100-dollar range.

2. Safety Mask

The paintball mask prices start at around about 20 dollars. It all depends upon the quality of the mask. You can rent a comfortable, anti-fog mask for easy whole-day wear.

3. Hoppers For Paintball Marker

Paintball markers require hoppers to hold paintballs on the top of the paint marker; it holds between 150 to 200 paintballs. Also, ordinary hoppers have 200 paintballs at a time.

4. Paintballs

Commonly, the box of paintballs from 30-60 dollars. You can buy 1000 and more than 1000 boxes for playing; the high-quality paint will be more costly. Moreover, you can use around 200 paintballs per hour of playing Paintball.

5. Air

Your CO2 or compressed tank price will depend on the size of your tank. Therefore, you will need to refill your tanks again and again. The refill of the tank minimum cost with CO2 and compressed air is $3-$6.

6. High-Quality Equipment

You can buy a proficient paintball marker for playing if you have no problem with money. These types of paintball markers can cost up to $2000. Using the high-quality mask, marker, and hopper, you can easily win the game as soon as you become a professional paintball player.

Some Kinds Of Paintballs That Increase The Cost

These few kinds of Paintball also increase the cost of paintball games. These are as follows:

1. Woodball

Woodsball is another type of paintball game played in wooded areas. This game is more spread out than speedball and involves more players. Furthermore, it takes a longer time to play.

2. Speedball

Speedball plays on a smaller field than woodball. Moreover, speedballs use few bunkers and no genuine cover. These field sizes are usually about half the size of a football field.

3. Scenario

It uses a vast area like woodball to play the game. A group of 100 people can participate in it. In this, players have an organized scenario. These games can take hours or days. It totally depends on the playing method of the players.


If you go one time, rent your gear to save your money. In other words, the prices of every piece of equipment are very high if you play Paintball only for one time. Paintball can be a great experience you can enjoy with your family and friends at a low price.

I hope you find our article helpful as I determine why Paintball is so expensive. Kindly share this article with everyone if it is helpful. Moreover, you can also ask us further questions about it.
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Jake Tyler

Jake Tyler

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