What Is A Thermal Paintball Mask & Why It Is Used? (2024)

Are you struggling to know what is a thermal paintball mask and what it is used for? Thermal Paintball Mask is very beneficial to use at night because the thermal lens helps you to enhance visibility at night. Also, it reduces fogging, which means you can see smoothly in foggy weather with thermal goggles.

It has a dual-pane lens that does not detect light but notices every object, even in the mist. Using the best thermal paintball mask during games helps you catch enemies in the dark or foggy. But, if it is rainy, raindrops limit the infrared signals of the thermal lens and reduce its working.

Let us give you a detail on what is a thermal paintball mask and how thermal lens works.

How Does Thermal Paintball Mask Work?

The thermal goggles have two parts, an inner lens and an outer lens. The outer lens is just like a standard lens; the inner is lighter and thinner than the outer lens. The inner part helps to keep the temperature normal inside the mask, and the outer lens with thermal properties performs its activity.

How Does Thermal Paintball Mask Work

I found that many paintball mask manufacturer brands make thermal Goggles detectable for higher-temperature entities easily in darkness. Humans and animals can be detectable through thermal goggles, but cold-temperature entities are not. For example, snakes are cold-blooded and do not notice through a thermal lens.

Can It Detect Everything?

Everything above absolute zero(-273.15°C) emits several infrared radiations. So, I can detect it by using thermal lens goggles. However, detecting changes in specific objects with thermal lenses depends on the lens sensitivity.

It does not detect a human behind wood because wood hides human body radiation. During games, thermal paintball masks are helpful to witness enemies.

Can You Hide From A Thermal Lens?

If you want to hide from the thermal lens, you only need to put a blanket on yourself. It will conceal the emitting radiations of your body. However, the primary method of hiding from the thermal lens is to use a space blanket.

The common things which block thermal are:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Neoprene
  • Water

These objects can block infrared heat signals. Another factor is distance because the distance limits the resolution of a thermal lens and does not identify a human being in the mist at a far distance.

Can You See A Wall Through A Thermal Paintball Mask?

No, the thermal Paintball Mask does not see any object through a wall because walls are thick and hard enough to block infrared radiation or heat from the other side of the wall.

Because a thermal lens only captures heat or radiation from anything. So, walls do not transfer heat from one side to another.

Does It Work In Fog?

Fog does not affect the working of the thermal paintball mask and can easily detect heat or radiation in smoke. In foggy weather, most players know the paintball tips and tricks to use thermal paintball masks to play paintball because it helps to identify other players efficiently. In contrast, simple paintball masks are not usable in the mist.

However, the higher intensity of fog or rain droplets may diminish infrared signals. Thus, it is sometimes difficult to witness humans in those conditions.

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