How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make? (Salary & Prize Money)[2023]

A traditional and ordinary paintball game can even earn million a year. If you are a professional paintball gamer, you can make money through different tournaments, rewards or endorsements, etc. Most paintball players frequently ask how much pro paintballers make. We will help you to understand your pricey paintballer skills.

According to the current situation and multiple conceptions, professional gamer can sell their skills on different platforms and earn millions. A pro paintballer gets paid according to team and game type. If you want to know how much do pro paintballers make, let’s get deeper into this article.

How Much Do Professional Paintballers Make In One Year?

Some people spend money to only play paintball games for fun and entertainment, but some play at a competitive level to earn money and fame. But remember, they take care of their safety and use best gears for paintball including cool paintball mask. Many famous and top-listed paintball players are there, known for their best paintballing aptitudes.

Some are:

  • Konstantin Fedorov
  • Ryan Greenspan
  • Dave Bains
  • Colt Roberts
  • Jason Edwards

These players spent less and earn more than one million in a year. Yes, this is true. Moreover, their monthly salaries are based on their points.

You can anticipate a salary of about $165,000 if you are good enough at playing paintball and an accumulative average of a generally skilled paintballer is $77,000.

How Much Do Professional Paintballers Make In One Year

Compensation Grades

The compensation grades of paintballers depend on their contracts and team owner. Like other athletes, paintball gamers also get paid for tournaments, competitions, and rewards. If you are a pro paintball player, there are many chances that you get individual and highly paid contracts that vary with each player on your team.

According to our experience, the more sponsors the team has, the more salary you will get paid, or you will get more equipment if it is not the salary.


Is the paintballer also get rewards and prizes after winning games? Yes, it is.

Sometimes it is a moderate amount because every winning prize after the tournament is divided among all team members. And a professional paintball player almost gets more than others.

But these prizes are not so worthy of making you wealthy. Real income depends on salaries and payments per competition and professional tournaments.


Although paintball is not a popular sport like other sports, it also has sponsorships as others have. Who is going to sponsor you in paintball games? It is usually by manufacturing companies that provide free equipment to play with it. But it is not always the same.

Sometimes they fulfill your traveling expense, team cost, etc., for the game. But it is essential to show your paintball player team in the sports industry to get the attention for more sponsorships.

How Much Can You Earn From Endorsements And Referrals?

A statement that supports other companies or teams to grow and make recommendations to other companies is known as an endorsement.

It helps to grow your team or company in front of other sports brands. In paintballing, professional players get most of the endorsements and money prices after winning a game.

As we experienced, there are several advantages to being a professional paintball player because you can easily earn a considerable amount of money through endorsements and referrals.

Final Words

If you are here to find out the actual estimation of how much do pro paintballers make. Don’t forget that it depends on different occasions, rewards, and team contracts for playing paintball games.

Moreover, you can travel to different countries for international events, win money prizes and get much different gaming equipment only from sponsorships if you are a pro player in paintball. In short, it is a significant source of earning skillfully.

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