How Much Does Paintball Cost? (Pricing Breakdown) [2024]

That is the question I regularly hear and can be challenging to answer. I give our customers an average of the actual cost that would make up depending on how happy or not they get. The cost of paintball is divided into two categories: Initial costs and Recurring costs.

Initial costs are the price of the equipment to get you started. Recurring costs are those that you have to pay each time you play. The cost of paintball depends on how much you want to play. The more you spend playing paintball, the more money it will cost. If you’re thinking, “How much does paintball cost?” let’s find out.

How Much Does A Day Of Paintball Cost?

Costs depend on the paintball field & whether you’re carrying your equipment or renting it at the field. In the general field, a fee will be $15-$30 Range if you bring your equipment like the best paintball mask for glasses, and as low as $30-$40 if you rent their equipment. Fortunately, some best paintball mask brands offer high-quality accessories at affordable prices.

How Much Does A Day Of Paintball Cost


Is Paintball Expensive To Play?

Yes, paintball can be an expensive sport. To play paintball once and rent the equipment, you are looking at anywhere from 30-60 dollars. If you buy your equipment, you could spend a couple hundred dollars on the basics. However, Paintballs range in cost from 30-60 dollars.

Calculating The Cost Of Paintball

The price of paintball depends on the field provider. You’ll find different paintball fields have different prices, but in most cases, a game costs between $20 to $140 per person.

The total cost will depend mainly on the field you choose and if you’re renting paintball equipment and don’t want to spend too much money. Give a call to ask about the rental equipment on-site.

How Much Will It Cost To Buy Paintball Equipment?

A beginner paintballer paintball marker will cost between $70 to $100. If you want to spend less on your initial purchase, I recommend choosing a pump rifle. Yes, they can be a little slower than other paintball markers. However, they are cheaper.

Try to maintain quality when it comes to a paintball mask. You must protect your face as much as possible during the sport. Never remove the mask on the field, even if it fogs up, as it can be a dangerous sport without the mask. You should wear your mask for a long time.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Paintball Marker?

As I know, you don’t have to buy every piece of paintball equipment. If you’re a beginner and want to try the sport, you’ll be happy to know that local fields offer rental equipment. The equipment rental cost will depend on the field, but I expect you to pay at most $30.

The average price of paintballs will be for tanks, masks, and paintballs. Some may include the entrance fees in the rental equipment prices.


The cost of paintball can be as high or low as you allow it to be. If you’re wondering, “How much does it cost to go paintballing?” You should ask yourself how much you want to pay or play.

Only buy equipment after your first try because you might not enjoy the game. Rental equipment might be a little lower quality, but it is a great way to enjoy a test run.

If you enjoy your experience, you should be ready to invest in equipment. Your paintball equipment would grow your experience. When it comes to upgrading, you won’t be thinking, “How much will it cost me?” and will see it as an investment in the sport. I hope you like our article. So, kindly share it with your friends. Moreover, I shared the paintball mask with prices for you.
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Jake Tyler

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